PON All Optical Network Monitoring Solution

181/10000 实时翻译 划译 In order to ensure the safety of citizens' lives and property, video surveillance has become a major issue related to national economy and people's livelihood. The requirements for high-definition, intelligent, and wide coverage of video surveillance have put forward demands for large bandwidth, multi scenario, and secure and reliable video backhaul networks.

PON All Optical Network School Solution

Campus and educational park communication networks usually focus on the simplicity, security, reliability, easy deployment, and maintenance of the network. Therefore, in these network environments, the topology structure is usually star shaped, based on an open network structure and adopting a modular design scheme. Suitable methods can be adopted on site according to needs.

PON All Optical Network Hotel Solution

In the fierce market competition of the hotel industry, improving the level of hotel services and highlighting service characteristics has become a question that every hotel operator is thinking about. With the popularization of mobile networks and intelligent terminals, the hotel industry is about to enter the era of informatization and intelligence. Hotel customers are increasingly concerned about the convenience of the hotel's internal network, and the quality of hotel mobile network has become an important component of hotel service quality.

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